TGIF – Friday The 13th

Friday 13th and today it feels appropriate as we wake up still in this surreal world.  

Yes, we have sunshine and Spring flowers, but we are suffering from an unfamiliar anxiety and can’t count on any hugs to make us feel better.  Maintaining a positive outlook while sensibly acknowledging the situation is our best shot at life as we know it.  A positive attitude of course comes with the real estate sales territory and it is easy second nature.  What if we were doctors or nurses?  These are the real heros of the pandemic, which evolves daily and not always in expected ways.  These are the people who are most exposed and working the necessary long hours to mitigate the spread of COV-19 along with our first responders. These are also  the people who are unable to work from home!  How fortunate we are to live in this province and country with a fully functioning health care system with accurate timely information available daily.  What a terrific made in BC idea to invite our fit retired doctors to use their lifetime of expertise to add to our emergency medical work force.

On the economic side of the equation – for people quitting work around now and relying on their RRSPs to fund a comfortable retirement we have huge sympathy.  The lesson for us all is at least to diversify and at best to remember that not only is real estate a good long  term investment in terms of equity gain, but it creates an income which is a lot more valuable at retirement. The real estate market is always good for someone and, at today’s rock bottom interest rates, an investment in property makes perfect sense for those thinking ahead.  We are always available and happy to discuss market potential with you.

So….wash your hands, stay smiling, keep your distance, watch Netflix and encourage our local health care community. 

We are the Generations Real Estate Partners with long time experience to keep you covered and positive –

Michelle Hawthorne, Scott Johnson, Sheila Francis, Ray Harris & Shane Goutsis