TGIF – Cops for Cancer

With every profession and business, we constantly hear the bad stuff where power becomes the motive for bad or criminal behaviour.  As our front line of defense against the world’s evil, our cops come in for more than their fair share of bad press so we want to toot their horn with a snapshot of just some of the real good they do for our world.

‘Cops for Cancer’ just celebrated their 20th anniversary of the annual ride and tour to raise  funds for the Canadian Cancer Society.  This year’s 9 day, 800k ‘Tour de Coast’ raised a record breaking $800,000 which will be used by the Cancer Society to support high quality childhood cancer research and to provide information, programs and support to children living with cancer, as well as their families and caregivers. 400 British Columbians also took the opportunity offered to attend Camp Goodtimes last summer thanks to these great cops.

To quote them:- “Cops for Cancer is about the caring people who come together each year to make a difference and show their support for families living with cancer and beyond.  From the riders, crew members, community champions, supporters, schools, sponsors and donors, we are grateful to everyone who made this season extra special.”

As your community, we in turn are truly grateful to you guys and girls.


Our own Michelle Hawthorne is “kidnapped” by the cops annually and, while in” jail” at Coquitlam Mall, bails herself out by calling friends, colleagues and clients for donations to Cops for Cancer. So…be ready for the call.  Makes comparative life in real estate look simple! 

Yes we really are ready for anything and will keep you covered in all weathers.

Continuing in the long tradition of trust and caring –

Michelle Hawthorne, Scott Johnson, Sheila Francis, Ray Harris and Shane Goutsis.