TGIF: Aging in place!

This is a popular term these days but how do you do that when retired on a small fixed income? It is tough to replace the roof, do other costly maintenance and keep up with gardening when all the time your money is tied up in your home. There is now a great way to untie some of your investment and have a payment coming to you instead of the other way round. It is a “reverse mortgage” where, as long as you are over 55, you can free up some of your equity to not only maintain your home, but also to travel, pursue hobbies & not be concerned about having to drastically cut back your lifestyle. This is a great tool for peace of mind, hanging on to your investment & not making a costly move.

Mortgage Brokers require a separate license in order to arrange these mortgages and our office just learned plenty from Daniela Serena, our local broker who is licensed for, and specializing in reverse mortgages. If this is of interest to you, give Daniela a call – 604-889-6750.

If you have other real estate questions, please give our team a call at 604-936-7653.

Interest rates are remaining low & sometimes lower! Don’t wait til year end, gambling that they will stay at this level. If buying a property is in your plans, do it while the inventory with choice is there as well as low interest rates. Move up buyers – this is your market!

If you want to discuss the logistics of the best way to sell and buy, or how to prepare your home for the market, we are your resource. We are happy to spend the time with you to reduce your stress and streamline the planning. In spite of endless talk about “affordable housing”, rents are still high here and if you can come up with the downpayment, buying is less expensive than renting. And…no one will kick you out!

We are always here to keep you covered and to team up with you in the exciting real estate process one step at a time. Continuing in a tradition of trust and care.

We are your Generations Real Estate Partners:- Michelle, Scott, Sheila, Ray and Shane.