Your Weekly Recap in the YVR ‘Burbs – We Are All One Team

This article was published on: 04/13/18 11:04 PM

Your Weekly Recap in the YVR ‘Burbs – We Are All One Team

Friday, April 13, 2018

Life’s fragility has been brought home in a tragic way this week in Saskatchewan. Our hearts go out to the families who lost their young people so suddenly – the healing will be long and painful. Canadians came together swiftly and effectively to not only share their grief, but to give tangible support. We can be grateful and proud that we live in a caring country. It was amazing to see so many hockey jerseys yesterday – even all the YVR check in clerks were wearing them. We can only hope that this outpouring of love and support will help the families in the difficult days ahead.

On another note, this month of April is also recognized globally as Earth Month – a good time to honour and respect the planet that is all too easy to take for granted. If you’re a teacher or student looking to participate in Earth Day this year, Generations Real Estate Partners’ brand director, cartoonist, (and Sheila’s son) Craig Francis has developed a new version of Jungle Book with animated videos and a live stage version for They’re having an Earth Day contest – here is how you can participate (and win some awesome prizes!). Check them out on Facebook, too!

On the real estate front, we have a mystery and a bit of a disconnect. As the price of townhomes has escalated to the point of some being well above the million $ mark, we are asking ourselves why some of these buyers are not buying a detached home with a basement suite. We understand that for many, the more carefree lifestyle is a definite choice, but for others, perhaps they feel they have no choice as the price of detached homes became so high. However, when the maintenance fees are factored into a townhome, then a detached purchase with income makes good sense. Especially as, with a large influx of new Spring inventory of detached homes, prices are stabilizing and there will be many more choices. Just something to consider….

Navigating this ever changing real estate landscape can be challenging – if you need sounding boards and consultation we have you covered any time. Happy to continue in that long tradition of trust and caring, we remain your partners in real estate.

-Michelle, Scott, Sheila, Ray and Shane
Generations Real Estate Partners

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