TGIF: Our Spring Market is In Bloom

This article was published on: 04/20/18 11:02 PM

TGIF: Our Spring Market is In Bloom

Friday, April 20, 2018

With yesterday’s warm sunshine we finally believe in Spring! And…where will all the adults be this weekend? Home Depot and Art Knapps! Baseball diamonds will be in full use and the parks full.

Along with the daffodils, cherry blossoms & magnolia trees comes the burgeoning real estate inventory – it’s here! New listings every day and finally some choice for buyers. With increased competition, sellers have to work harder to have their home be attractive to buyers in condition, cleanliness, updated maintenance and price. You never have a second chance to make a first impression, so the gardens now come into their own, those lovely pots of colourful plants at freshly painted front doors – you get the picture. Remember that when the sun shines, every mark shows on the windows and every cobweb is evident. Buyers are looking for space, so filling it is not a good idea when selling – less is better. Get rid of the stuff now before you’re packing to move! Our stagers will always tell you that every room has to have a purpose. When doing a little renovating before putting your home on the market, remember that the best bang for your buck comes with paint and flooring.

As for buyers – this is your moment! Specially in the detached market – some lovely homes coming on the market at very competitive prices. No longer any need to buy out of desperation! If it sounds too good to be true it is! These inviting low prices are often an invitation to participate in an auction, where the final sale price will reflect market value. If this market is confusing (and of course it is!), please give us a call to interpret and give you the boots on the ground analysis.

Sweet spot pricewise is $1m to $2million in detached homes. These are the guys getting multiple offers provided they are attractive homes. Townhomes have been selling like hot cakes, but now there is inventory and choice. Condos are location driven and inviting to the great bulge of baby boomers focusing on lifestyle. For the larger suites, more than 1100 sf, there is a very real market as downsizers form a massive part of our market today & years to come. All the stars are aligned to have buyers buy and sellers sell!

We have rarely seen such a complicated market place – let us be your guides – we’ve been here before. Let us be your resource; we not only have umbrellas, we have experience!

Let us keep you covered – Michelle,Scott, Sheila. Ray and Shane

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