TGIF – Happy Hallowe’en

This article was published on: 10/29/18 3:46 PM

Only a few days until we reach that spooky evening when we can’t recognise the neighborhood children as they knock on our doors tricking and treating.  Hallowe’en is observed in similar ways in many countries, though we are winners in the field of pumpkins!

For the past month the Ayers family have been busy preparing the best haunted house in the TriCities – for the 19th time!  Their scary place at 443 Draycott will be bigger and better than ever this year and as always, the Ayers are raising funds for ‘Variety – the children’s charity’.  This year’s goal of $10,000 might seem frightening until you realise that over the past 18 years they have raised $96,420 from scaring kids!!  Their Hallowe’en haunted house opened October 20 and is running from 6.30 – 9 pm nightly until Hallowe’en is over.  Always better to be scared out of your wits for a good cause!!

Now for what spooks us out – suddenly having our emails to a familiar client go undelivered. So please include us in your notice of change of email address – otherwise you will miss out on invitations, regular statistical market reports etc.

Another spooky aspect of the real estate market right now is the waiting game many buyers and sellers are playing.  Buyers believe that real estate prices will continue to slide and sellers believe that they will bounce back up!  Clearly they can’t both be right, so we have to focus on what we know at present – it is dangerous predicting the future.  For the move up buyers, this is your market – while the percentage of price decline might be the same, the actual cash involved makes the differential so much less than in a rising market.  So…if your family has outgrown your home, this is the time to consider a move up.

Hoping for a dry, safe  Hallowe’en for all our young tricksters and of course our walking parents!  As always, we have you covered for another season, rain or shine.

We remain your real ghost busters – Generations Real Estate Partners – Michelle, Scott, Sheila, Ray and Shane.

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