TGIF – Connecting and Updating

This article was published on: 06/22/18 9:07 PM

TGIF – Connecting and Updating

Friday, June 22, 2018

If you are new in town or looking for a place to volunteer your services, here is the perfect opportunity – Port Moody’s Inaugural Community Fair tomorrow (Saturday, June 23) from 11AM to 3PM at Civic Centre & Fire Hall.

This is an occasion to celebrate the community and get connected to your neighbours, the community services and organisations which contribute to Port Moody’s vibrant lifestyle. Find out about volunteer opportunities, clubs, community associations etc. and enjoy all the free fun activities. Lots available for the kids with the usual face painting, outdoor activities and almost constant shows running in Inlet Theatre – check it out here.

REAL ESTATE is almost constantly in the news these days and you may be wondering about all the chatter with regard to new rules and paperwork from the new BC Real Estate Council. Rest assured – these rules have been put in place to protect you, the consumers – to ensure that your privacy and confidentiality is respected, that you receive full fiduciary duty with all relevant information disclosed and that there is no conflict of interest. This will all be very familiar to our clients – just business as usual for the Generations Team. The rules have always been crystal clear – the interests of our clients come first with no compromise – changing the paperwork does not change that golden rule. Updating rules and paperwork provides the clarity which may have been missing in some cases before.

One very necessary explanation to our purchasing public is that of what it means to be an unrepresented party, which is the position of every buyer entering a presentation centre and writing an offer with the staff put in place by the developer. The people you are dealing with there are often not licensed realtors and are representing a developer with competing interests to yours – they owe loyalty to their employer, not to you. They do not have a duty to give all relevant information to you and must share any information you tell them with their employer. Beyond all of this, you do not have your own real estate professional to both negotiate and navigate the way through the paperwork and to be at your side through the entire lengthy process, including the final deficiency walk through (euphemistically called “orientation” by the developer). There is no advantage, either financial or any other way, to be unrepresented in this scenario. We are grateful to the Council for their clarity in this regard.

Confused or just want to know more? That’s why we’re here to keep you covered! We are up for coffee and a chat any time & bring on those questions. In the meantime, enjoy summer in our beautiful neighborhoods.

We are the Generations Real Estate Partners – Michelle, Scott, Sheila, Ray and Shane.
Continuing in that long tradition of trust and caring.

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