TGIF: A Week of Courage

This article was published on: 04/27/18 10:55 PM

TGIF: A Week of Courage

Friday, April 27, 2018

Amazingly, summer lost its way into Spring this week – the bright sunshine a stark contrast against the terrifying attack in Toronto. We just can’t imagine the terror felt by those victims and onlookers. Against that backdrop, the calm courage of the police officer who single handedly took down the attacker without firing a shot got me to thinking about the debt we owe to the courage of others. The first responders, our military men and women, our police officers, Doctors without Borders, foreign correspondents all come to mind along with many others.

Then there is the inspiring personal courage of the young hockey player who was injured so badly in the Humboldt bus crash that he is paralysed. When interviewed, he expressed gratitude and was already visualizing playing sledge hockey after a visit from members of Canada’s sledge hockey team. Spend time in any children’s hospital to see that same courage.

We hear the stories all the time about individuals who jump into rivers to save drowning people, those who stop and pull drivers and passengers from burning vehicles, parents who put themselves in danger to save their children and so on. It seems to take a crisis to bring us awareness – so let’s always pay tribute to these local heroes and say thank you.

Whichever side of the issue you are on, we are also witnessing the courage of conviction right now as the Kindermorgan dispute brings out protesters on both sides at the risk of being jailed. It is a tough road to maintain the courage of conviction against all odds – remember the suffragettes! And in modern times the scientists who are speaking out against the conflict of interest when big business is paying for the research – many losing their jobs for not toeing the line. Just one of many examples of the risk in maintaining the courage of your convictions.

In micro terms, we all have those moments where we have to choose between speaking up when it might not be popular or even risky, or taking the easy way of going with the flow and staying silent. Doing the right thing has become a topic for discussion in our business as well as many others because in business, having the courage of conviction can be costly. Our team has thought long and hard about our convictions, and doing the right thing is our comfort zone. We become a part of the families we serve when we are dealing with their most important personal asset – their home. That trust is sacrosanct and our reputation depends on it.
Lily Tomlin had it right – “The trouble with the rat race is that even if you win you’re still a rat”.

Happy to chat real estate any time. This week under a parasol we still have you covered.

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